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The first whistle of the bullet — Valeriy Mykolayovych Palchyk

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This book is dedicated to the 1992 war in Transnistria and the participation of Ukrainian volunteers from Ukrainian People's Self-Defence (UPSD), who tried to defend Ukrainian interest from the Romanian and Russian influences. This experience was later used in fights against Russian imperialism in Georgia and Ichkeria.

The book contains memoirs of war veterans, historical background, many additional materials and photographs.

  • Hardcover
  • 300 pages

Book comes with author's signature.

About the author

Valeriy Mykolayovych Palchyk: "Aggressor", "Marder", "Sad", "Walter".

He was born on May 21, 1972 in Poltava. From 1991 he was a member of UPSD, later on Valeriy was a head of the regional organization until 1999. He took an active part in the organization's military presence to Transnistria and Georgia. Valeriy is a journalist, historian and lawyer. He also took an active part in the Revolution of Dignity, was wounded there. Since the beginning of 2014, Valeriy Palchyk has been involved in the formation of the UPSD unit. He served in the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion as commander of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, also as a squad leader.

He is currently working on a similar collection on the participation of UPSD volunteers in the Russian-Georgian war.