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Original wooden valentines

₴ 9.00
buy 10 or more at ₴ 8.00 /pc.
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The appearance of things that surround you is important to you, isn't it?

It's very nice when comfortable and functional things look stylish. That is why we spare no expense for beautiful dishes and elegant furniture. All for the sake of aesthetic pleasure.

We, in our online store of original gifts, know that such leaves are now very popular, therefore we rushed to make them for you.

Convenient coster for hot cups, or just a nice decoration. Such handmade coasters will be truly appreciated by real aesthetes.

Also, such leaves are suitable for creative individuals who like to decorate things on their own. In this case, it will be a cool workpiece, for example, for decoupage.

Who can you give such an original gift to?

To anyone ... friend, mom, sister or colleague. Such wooden leaves can be described as universal gifts.

Leaves can be tinted in different shades of wood colors. In the photo you can see the palette of available colors.

Please note that the price depends on whether the product is tinted or not.