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Unique gifts

Not sure what to give to a friend, husband, wife, beloved one? Can't choose a gift for a colleague, boss, business partner?

Online store of original gifts will help you to solve this eternal quest.

In our store of original gifts you can find various things of the highest quality which precisely cannot be called ordinary presents.

A cool unusual gift can be personalized cup coasters, original plates, souvenirs, custom maps, name boxes. There are a lot of options.

Important! In our online store of original gifts you can make a gift using your own design! Just upload desired images, names or wishes.

Modern people are used to particular ways of expressing their emotions. We sincerely send smileys e..
₴ 6.00

The tradition of secretly exchanging valentines is cheering everyone up, especially when presents a..
₴ 8.00

Do you often feel frustrated with what's going on around you? A universal card to manage frustrat..
₴ 9.00

Making a giftbox? Do you decorate a bouquet? Looking for something more original than a regular val..
₴ 9.00

The appearance of things that surround you is important to you, isn't it? It's very nice when ..
₴ 9.00

Does your child love adventure movies? Then let's play spies! Real undercover agents need cool spy ..
₴ 19.00

Do you often give gifts? If so, then you really need these unique wooden greeting plates! ..
₴ 29.00

People are always trying to invent something eternal: the perpetual motion machine, the eternal perp..
₴ 99.00

We have prepared a wonderful handmade gift for you - a super set that can be "gratuitously" given on..
₴ 195.00

Height: 25 cm Material: wood Laser engraved image Comes with a stand and a craft rope at t..
₴ 199.00

Product Diameter - 25 cm Material: Natural Wood How to use this sweet thing is up to you..
₴ 199.00

Who said that gifts should only be serious and practical? The original gift shop completel..
₴ 295.00

Don't know what gift to get for your beloved ones?Valentine's Day, friend's birthday, wedding annive..
₴ 599.00

Model characteristics: Scale: 1:24 Length: 15 cm Height: 6 cm Width: 7 cm Display box specs..
₴ 2,950.00

Are you interested in time traveling? And movies about them? If so, you have definitely watched the ..
₴ 2,995.00

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