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"Sweet Home" wall key holder — Tis Trend Decor veteran business

₴ 306.00
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  • Product Code: 1061
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Shipping: Only Ukraine
  • Size: 50cm-31.5cm
  • Hand painted
  • Colour: gold

A wall key holder will add comfort to your home, and the keys that suddenly disappear like a baby's sleep will now always be in place

These products were created with love by a small family of Ihor and Solomiya Tesak, (TIS) just for you. Even before the start of hostilities, Igor went to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He took part in the fights in the east of Ukraine in 2014 - 2017. As a soldier, Ihor in his spare time started making wooden and eco-plywood crafts, and after finishing his service, he officially registered as an private entrepreneur.

The logo of the workshop depicts a cat. If you ask why? The veteran says that his wife has long dreamed of a pet, but when he brought home a little gray kitten with a red bow around his neck, it immediately made itself to be the main part for the future brand "Tis Trend Decor".