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Vorlen Coffee beans blend (50% Arabica, 50% Robusta) freshly roasted with bitter flavor 250g — The First Coffee Roasting Company

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Vorlen coffee blend - has a strong persistent bitterness thanks to 50% wet polished Robusta coffee India and Vietnam and 50% Brazilian Arabica. It has a strong persistent taste. Great for those that enjoys strong and invigorating coffee. This blend gives a rich coffee flavor to milk drinks.

What makes coffee from First Coffee Roasting Company so delicious?

  • We bring the most delicious lots of coffee from all over the world,
  • The production is certified by FSSC 22000, which guarantees impeccable quality and safety,
  • Roasted on professional roasters (240 and 70 kg/ single load),
  • Laser bean cleaning system,
  • From production directly to you, without warehouse delays,
  • Our coffee wins hearts with the richness of taste and the expressiveness of the richness of the aroma.
  • FREE shipping on orders of 3 kg or more.

The First Coffee Roasting Company is a manufacturer of exclusive high-quality coffee for every taste and budget. That is suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, offices and home use (from 250 g to 10 kg).