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Hello and Welcome!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Denys Antipov. I am the veteran of the 5th Battalion Tactical Group of the 81st Airborne Assault Brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

I'm the founder of the veteran marketplace

I volunteered in the Russian-Ukrainian war and fought in Ukrainian Donbas in 2015-2016 as a lieutenant and commander of an air reconnaissance platoon.

I was a participant of the Ukrainian Independence Day 25th anniversary military parade in Kyiv in 2016.

After coming back home I started running my own veteran business: producing of children's art kits, toys and gifts. That's how it all began.

On behalf of our team of veterans and professionals who joined me later on let me do some icebreaking by telling you about the marketplace and our team.

The website is a marketplace where you can find a lot of original presents, Ukrainian arts, some special things and get a variety of other services. For example: get a gift made in Ukraine, support the veteran-owned and runned business you like, buy or customize some original gifts produced by veterans or by Ukrainian Handcrafters or even use one of  many services that we provide:

- laser cutting

- laser engraving

- large format printing

- toys production

- personalization and customization of gifts 

- getting wooden gift boxes and special packaging and much more.


Let's be honest? None of us likes when someone tries to sell us something, do we?

But, at the same time, we like to buy something on our own. It is especially nice to get a gift for beloved ones. That is the point of our Mission at Not to sell you something. But to let you choose and get the best option.


Choose a gift for the anniversary, buy a gift for a birthday, wedding gift for a friend, a gift for father, mother, a gift for wife or husband, educational toys for children, for thousand occasions more. And we really have all these options ... Our goal is to make a place where all this becomes possible.

A place where you can choose easily, see the quality of Ukrainian products. And ti make this task as convenient as possible.

Another goal for us is to support not only local craftsmen, but also the defenders of our country, veterans who run their own business.


Therefore we offer to all the craftsmen our marketplace for listing and selling their products

- marketplace for veteran products, such as veteran gifts, toys, souvenirs, etc.

If you’re interested and you know a craftsman, who might be interested in selling his own goods ( for example, wooden goods or leather gifts) here, you are welcome. 

You can see more services we provide and a range of products we have in the "Portfolio" section.

If you are able to support us by sharing information about us, you are always welcome to do so.

Follow us on social media to get the latest information on our special offers, notifications on new products and news about the social and charity projects we participate in.

We speak English. So if you have any other questions feel free to contact us and ask :-)

Wish you to get the best experience of shopping with,

Denys Antipov